Paranormal After Dark


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Twenty bestselling titles from masterminds of the paranormal genre.

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Included in this collection:

Noree Cosper – A Dose of Brimstone
Gabby and the Van Helsing family must stop a drug that enable demons to possess humans from spreading across New York or it will be Hell on Earth.

Kim Faulks – End of Dreams
A young pregnant woman and a hard-bitten detective are trapped in the middle of a paranormal war they never knew existed.

Heather Hambel Curley – Haunt
Death is not the end. Adelaide is used to battling souls, but when the Civil War begins, something evil wakes up. And this time, It wants her.

Ann Simko – Dark Crossings
Dying for the right reasons is better than living for the wrong ones.

Calinda B. Headspace: Seattle. 2052
When everything the activists and naysayers predicted comes true – global warming, planetary resources stripped, disease, pollution – the ravaged city of Seattle is left in chaos and disrepair.

Susan Stec – The Other F Word
Wandermere is not your typical fairy forest kingdom; think mouthy teen fairies in skinny jeans, texting on smart phones, driving bugs, and getting high on honey.

Rachel McClellan – Unleashed
Claire discovers a man close to her has ingested a stolen drug, unleashing his dark and evil alter-ego. Now he’s determined to make her just like him. Like hell.

Stacy Claflin – Hidden Intentions
Her supernatural secret could doom their love…

Aimee Easterling – The Complete Bloodling Serial
Wolfie Young is a bloodling, a rare shifter born in wolf rather than in human form. Can he ever find acceptance in a pack despite his differences?

Kyoko M – She Who Fights Monsters
Seer Jordan Amador and her husband the archangel Michael hunt down a serial killer with the help of their archenemy, the demon Belial.

Sarah M. Cradit – St. Charles at Dusk
Set amidst the lush and vibrant backdrop of New Orleans, this is the story of Oz and Adrienne. Of forbidden love, and startling heartbreak.

Madison Sevier – Wicked by Nature
When Selena realizes her life has been one big lie, she’ll have to decide between saving her town and embracing her wicked destiny.

Marissa Farrar – Underlife
Thomas Young must head into the mile of abandoned tube tunnels and stations beneath London in a bid to save his son’s life.

Eden Ashe – Dragon’s Redemption
The one female he isn’t supposed to want, is the only one he’s ever needed.

Grae Lily – Milan’s Return
He’s haunted by his troubled past; she’s desperate for a fresh start. When their worlds collide, everything will change.

Conner Kressley- The Breakers Code
Where were you when the world ended? 

MR Graham – The Medium
Lenny is a vampire who can never kill, but even the most peaceful man has a breaking point.

Heather Marie Adkins – Wiccan Wars
Cade and Ever come from two worlds, but a common enemy forces their opposing covens to unite – and their love to ignite.

Katie Salidas – Carpe Noctem
Becoming a vampire is easy. Living with the condition is the hard part.

Nicole Zoltack – A Question of Faith
If Crystal can’t control her magic abilities, she’ll lose more than her faith, her boyfriend, and her mom. She just might start the apocalypse.


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Fallen Sorcery Collection


One of the single most exciting things to happen to me this year is the Fallen Sorcery Collection.

In October, I was accepted for inclusion in this exciting new paranormal/dystopian romance collection. Details are hush-hush right now as the sixteen authors involved write and prepare for the 2016 release. But if your thing is paranormal or dystopian, and you love magick and romance, you MUST sign up for this newsletter!

The first Fallen Sorcery collection features USA Today Bestselling authors Rebecca Hamilton and Apryl Baker, as well as Jo Michaels, Noree Cosper, and Conner Kressley.

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His Wild Kiss


His Kiss Series, Book 1.5

When her father died, Addy LaBarre became kikua — leader — of her wolf pack. Now five years later, she still doesn’t feel like she knows what she is doing. Her confidence is tested when a rival pack moves on her territory.

Wate Jackson is a practitioner of Wild Magick, training to take over his father’s leadership role of the clan. When his people learn of the wolf pack’s predicament, they propose to repay an old debt by offering their help.

It doesn’t take long for Wate to realize the beautiful Addy is much stronger than she thinks. When the two of them come together, the Wild Magick ignites, and anything is possible.

His Wild Kiss is a twelve-thousand word novelette that originally appeared in the January 2015 publication of Wickedly Exotic Winter Erotic Wonderland.

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Book Two in the Vengeance Goddess Serials

Saffron’s disappearance rocks the foundation of Vengeance Inc. as Nemesis’s girls question why a trained assassin could be taken without Nem’s knowledge.

Nobody is as badly shaken as Frank. She feels an obligation to find her best friend before it’s too late. But with Ewan in a coma, and Nemesis at a loss, Frank has no idea where to start. Not to mention, a ghostly helper and a sexy vampire were not on the agenda.

For Saffron, time is running out. Join her abductor, or be the first Vengeance girl to die in his plot to destroy the goddess of vengeance.

Now available!

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Call For Submissions – JINGLE SPELLS

In my spare time (what little I have of it), I run an ebook and print-on-demand formatting business. CyberWitch Press is almost five years old and has been the second love of my life beyond writing for as long.

Now, I’m branching out into publishing short fiction anthologies! My first anthology call for submissions is posted. Please help me spread the word!


Visit my CyberWitch Press website to learn more!

I am the Daughter of a Suicide

mikeNothing I do feels the same as it once did.

There’s so much repetition in our lives. We wake up and go to bed every day. We drive past the same scenery to get to work, where most of us do the exact same things every day, week to week, to earn a paycheck. We see the same people, eat a lot of the same foods because they’re our favorites, and we go to all the same places for leisure because of the same reason. So much sameness everywhere.

But the impact of losing one’s parent to suicide casts shades of gray over the normalcy. You’re still getting up, still driving, visiting places and friends, eating foods you love, but through it all, you know nothing is the same and it never will be again. Those same people, places, and things have lost color. You wonder if the real world was the rose-colored rainbow of life before suicide, or if this hazy, over-exposed image, like the brilliant negative painted on the sky by an atomic bomb, is the way life really is. Maybe their suicide opened your eyes to an alternate world. One where you’re different and always will be because of a gun shot you didn’t make.

Grief isn’t a choice. It’s a passage. It’s the one true sign that you loved deeply and still do. No one is immune to grief, and there’s no “wrong way” to grieve. Everyone does it differently; everyone experiences it on different levels. People will tell you don’t let your grief define you; don’t take up residence there and stay. I think they have it backwards: grief takes up residence inside us. Once it’s in your heart, it’s there to stay: a bittersweet flavor to everything you’ll experience every day thereafter. Grief DOES define us. Losing someone we love never goes away. It’s finality. It’s forever. It changes us on levels we don’t understand. I’ve lost grandparents. Great-grandparents. Cousins. But nothing ever prepared me for losing a parent.

I never knew until that October day that suicide grief is different. It’s like a club that you never wanted to join, but once you have, you realize how true that statement is. Death is inevitable. I will die one day. Everyone I love is heading on a straight line towards death. It’s the natural order. Maybe it will be a disease, maybe it will be an accident, or maybe it will be a sleep that never ends. Either way, it will happen.

Suicide is none of these things. Suicide is harsh and cold. It’s that a person you loved with all your heart CHOSE to leave you. A person you loved with all your heart hurt so bad they couldn’t imagine living any longer. It’s an abandonment, but it’s like a whole fucking new level because it wasn’t that they ran away. They extinguished their own existence because their light was too dim in the darkness surrounding them.

There’s so much anger in this club, and it’s not anger at death. It’s not anger that human bodies are fragile or that your version of God took them away too soon. It’s anger at the person you love. And you hate yourself for being so mad at them. You cry for their death, but you cry for how mad you are, too. Because that isn’t fair to them. You can’t stay infuriated when the pain they must have felt makes your chest ache.

It’s an abandonment you have to understand. An abandonment you have to forgive because you love them too much to hold onto the fury.

Suicide grief is such a layered thing. The questions haunt you endlessly. Did he think of me and my brother and my mom before he did it? Did he love me? Does he know how much I loved him? Was I a horrible daughter? Did I contribute to the demons he could no longer fight? Does he know how proud I was to know him? To be his daughter? How proud I STILL am, knowing now the darkness and inner pain he faced in silence? Did he hurt? Did he cry? Did he pause, did he consider staying at all?

Does he regret it?

This isn’t a game show. No smiling host is going to reveal answers and compliment my perceived notions, my desperate guesses. I don’t win anything for guessing correctly.

I will spend the rest of my life with these questions. Strange bedpersons.

From the outside, it might look like I’m moving on. I’m working. I’m writing. I took a vacation where I laughed and played with my husband as if we hadn’t a care in the world. I shower and do chores and shave my legs. But I’m not ‘moving on’ so much as I’ve contorted my heart and soul to fit his suicide and my grief into the fissure where it will live forever. I’m learning to live my life with the grief instead of letting it control me wholly. When I smile, the grief is there just behind the action where it doesn’t quite reach my eyes. When I laugh, it’s there in the tightness in my chest: the rock hard knot of grief and pain right where I imagine the bullet ended his life. I go through the motions, but he and the grief he left behind are always a physical ache inside me. They live behind every single thing that I do, every word that I say.

I’ve adjusted my existence to allow for those shades of gray. The veil of his life and sudden death; the questions, the hurt, the anger, the love I will always have for him, the pride of being his daughter and making sure his memory is honored as the great man he was, not that final moment or that final decision made in the depths of his despair.

It’s a particular tattoo that brands me eternally the daughter of a man who committed suicide.

I’m not ashamed of it. I’m not ashamed of him. No one should EVER be ashamed of this. You do not know the pain that lives inside others; you do not know when your OWN actions bring pain to others. Be kind. Be compassionate. Love others, flaws and all. I am blessed with a large family. I have three parents left who love me and who I love more than anything – more so now than I ever thought possible. Not everyone is so lucky, so we should all be good to each other.

And if you are in pain, please reach out. I will spend the rest of my life wishing he had asked for help, wishing that we’d been given a chance to heal him. Don’t make your own loved ones suffer this same fate. There are so many programs out there, so many people willing to take your hand.

Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind.

Or forgotten.

Wiccan Wars Release!

Wiccan Wars

It’s here!

Ever O’Connell prides herself on being a good Wiccan, and her coven follows the path of the Goddess with love and light. But the “dark” witches in school—the BlackMags— keep pushing her toward the edge, until Ever finally finds herself at war.

Cade Bourdain inherited his father’s thirst for power, drawing him into darker areas of magick. Despite his dislike for the “Fluffy Bunny” Wiccans, he feels an unearthly connection to Ever.

When the two strike up a secret relationship the real magic between them is ignited, generating a power that a dangerous warlock yearns to take for his own. Ensnared by the warlock, Ever and Cade’s conflicting covens must work together despite their differences—or else be destroyed by a common enemy.

The line between light and dark has never been so unclear.

It’s only on sale for 99c until Saturday, so get it while it’s cheap!!

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Jingle Bell Book Hop!

Happy Holidays from CyberWitch-Land!


I’ve joined forces with about thirty other rockin’ authors to offer free ebooks and chances to win swag and goodies – INCLUDING A KINDLE FIRE. So it’s like holiday gift-giving online! And it’s FUN.

HeavenBelow_webIf you leave me a comment below with a December memory (maybe your favorite present of all time, or something fun you did with your family, etc.), I’ll send you a free ebook of HEAVEN BELOW.

Seventeen-year-old Kelli McNeil wishes her only problems were what to wear and who to date. But she also has recurring nightmares about dying.

In every dream she sees Sebastian, and feels a love that echoes across the ages.  As the dreams intensify, Kelli suspects they are not imagination, but memories of past lives. While these memories hint at an ancient prophecy and the fate of an entire race, they reveal a dark danger for her.

In every life, Sebastian is not only her true love – he is her murderer.

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2015 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge

2015WitchesampWitchcraftReadingChallenge2_zpse36157d0I’m signing up this year to do the Witchcraft Reading Challenge at Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf.

I signed up last year and only read one or two, because last year was just… awful. I’m extremely glad 2015 is looming on the horizon, because I’m ready to leave this year behind. I’ll be writing more, reading more, and all around just be a happier author!

I’m aiming for INITIATE (1-5 witchy books read), but hopefully I’ll surpass that. Not to mention I’ll have several witchy books of my own releasing in 2015!

Come January 1, I’ll kick off the challenge with the final Kim Harrison Rachel Morgan novel. I’ve been putting off reading it because I don’t want the series to end. What better way to finally bit the bullet than kick off a reading challenge with a book I know is going to knock my socks off.🙂


Mother of All Release!

MotherCOVERLife is good for modern-day witch, Mena McGinty.  After an abusive past, she sought refuge in a small Maine town and established her dream life. Her small off-the-grid cottage is thriving under an herb and craft business, and she’s content with her happily-ever-after.

Idyllic Waterford is shattered by the first murder in years—a pregnant woman, whose battered body is sans her unborn child.  This act of violence kicks off a string of similar murders, and all signs point to Mena’s best friend as the next victim.

Mena will do anything it takes to protect the woman who saved her from her awful past, even if it means butting heads with the sexy Chief of Police or putting herself in danger to search for the killer.  The only problem is, she suspects it may be the mysterious Irish stranger sleeping on her couch.

A man who arrives in town only days before the first murder.

Available now!


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