The end is just the beginning.

🔥Cities have collapsed.🔥 🔥Empires have fallen.🔥 🔥All that remains is a curse of shadows and ash.🔥 Whether you wish to dance with witches at the end of the world, cross into nefarious fae realms, or pass through the gates of hell, EMPIRES OF SHADOW AND ASH has a story for you to brave. Unwilling heroes … Continue reading The end is just the beginning.


I am the Daughter of a Suicide – Three Years Later

Read the original post here Nobody knows how to tell you about the passage of healing. Sure, we can throw out platitudes about 'time heals all wounds' or some shit, but healing isn't this perfect Utopia in which years pass and the pain disappears, never to be seen again. Healing means going days, even weeks, … Continue reading I am the Daughter of a Suicide – Three Years Later

#DiversityMatters – Author Heather Marie Adkins

Heather Marie Adkins Earlier this year, I took a full time position working in the public relations and marketing department of a public library. And I love it! I work on a vast majority of the library's graphic designs, as well as maintaining the website, the monthly bulletin, and various other marketing projects we run, … Continue reading #DiversityMatters – Author Heather Marie Adkins