Mother of All Release!

MotherCOVERLife is good for modern-day witch, Mena McGinty.  After an abusive past, she sought refuge in a small Maine town and established her dream life. Her small off-the-grid cottage is thriving under an herb and craft business, and she’s content with her happily-ever-after.

Idyllic Waterford is shattered by the first murder in years—a pregnant woman, whose battered body is sans her unborn child.  This act of violence kicks off a string of similar murders, and all signs point to Mena’s best friend as the next victim.

Mena will do anything it takes to protect the woman who saved her from her awful past, even if it means butting heads with the sexy Chief of Police or putting herself in danger to search for the killer.  The only problem is, she suspects it may be the mysterious Irish stranger sleeping on her couch.

A man who arrives in town only days before the first murder.

Available now!


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