Free ebooks!

Lots of good things happening over here in CyberWitchLand. I have a new release coming in ONE WEEK(!!!). I recently re-released a book with a BOMB.COM cover (see bottom of this post). I have a big-ass boxed set of hot Urban Fantasy/PNR novels coming in May. And two upcoming novels written in shared worlds! Not to mention my BIG SUPER SECRET project. No, you can’t know what that it is yet.

But you don’t care about that. You’re here for the freebies!


Nine awesome paranormal romance authors came together to do an Instafreebie blast and offer up nine smokin’ titles for the taking! Be sure to hop through the link below and snatch them all up before the giveaway ends!

Claim your NINE free ebooks today!


In other news, The Temple got a face-lift! I started publishing many, many moons again, and in the six years since, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve evolved a lot. As I release sequels, I’ll be re-releasing the first books in the serious with rebranding. This is project #1!

Stalked by Night

In a quiet corner of the English countryside, an ancient temple to the Mother Goddess has survived for centuries in the care of supernaturally talented guardians. New to their ranks is Vale Avari – a brash American who has put the Atlantic Ocean between herself and her mysterious past.

Yet all is not well in the town of Quicksilver, where unearthly sounds and sightings drive rumors of the Wild Hunt roaming the night. When temple guardians begin to disappear, Vale must discover for herself if primeval magic is really responsible, or if the culprits are all too human. Plagued by a brute with a violent history and lusting after a dark-eyed man with a secret, Vale must turn the tables and hunt the hunters, before the Hunt rides for her.

Available at AMAZON!


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