Heroines & Hellions Author Alex Owens

I think in some form or fashion, ALL women have the capacity bad-asses. We get up every day and show up, looking that fickle witch called Life straight in the eyes, unblinking. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, even after it's been shattered time and time again. But that doesn't stop us - we … Continue reading Heroines & Hellions Author Alex Owens


No Damsels Allowed!

🗡️NO DAMSELS ALLOWED!🗡️ These 22 kickass leading ladies wield their swords with the same grace as their lipstick. 💋 Join the badass ladies of HEROINES AND HELLIONS, 22 thrilling Urban Fantasy adventures chock-full of capable and tenacious heroines ready to save the day: from witches to vampires, shifters to fae, and every dark demon known … Continue reading No Damsels Allowed!

Meet CREATURES author, Alex Owens

    If you’d ask me to pick my favorite creature of myth a few years ago, the choice would have been an easy one. Witches, with their elemental powers born from the earth. They are conduits for nature’s awesome, and perfectly observable, raw magic. Witches are the closest thing we have to being possible, … Continue reading Meet CREATURES author, Alex Owens

Do You Dare to Brave the Beasts?

Do you dare to Brave the Beasts?   CREATURES is a collection of otherworldly tales from today’s indie-favorite New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors! You are about to enter the realm of Creatures, a boxed set packed with more than twenty enthralling tales of urban fantasy and paranormal romance! From witches to vampires, shifters to … Continue reading Do You Dare to Brave the Beasts?

Prepare to be Haunted by Magic…

IT'S ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!! ~*~ ONLY 99c for 22 NOVELS! FOR A LIMITED TIME!~*~ 24 New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors have come together to create a can’t-be-missed line up of 22 novels packed with demons, shifters, vampires, mages, witches, fae, alchemists, and more! Order today to find out how these magical stories will … Continue reading Prepare to be Haunted by Magic…


I have so many FREAKING EXCITING THINGS happening in my world right now. ~*~ Haunted by Magic is releasing in ONE WEEK. This collection has 22 novels for 99c, and my book, Fragile Magick, is absolutely EXCLUSIVE to this set. So if you want to read it, you're going to have to preorder Haunted by … Continue reading Updates!!