He’s the heir regent.
She’s a witch who survived the purge.

After the assassination of her parents by the Regent of Sector 14, Dajia Bray comes of age in the mundane world, living the life of a typical young woman – save that she practices her magick in secret while nursing her hatred of the man who stole her future.

The Regent’s heir, Elliott Pierce, lives in a golden palace of privilege stained by the shadow of his father’s dark rise to power. As the Regent’s days grow short, Eli is ill-prepared to assume both the title, and his family legacy of secret horrors.

As the Sector slips further into cold and darkness, Dajia and Eli are thrown together. Their otherworldly connection may be the last chance for their world to survive, or else prove its utter undoing.

Forgotten is the 14th novel in the Fallen Sorcery – Othala Witch Collection. These novels are written in a shared world, but the story lines are not connected, and they do not have to be read in order to be enjoyed.

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